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Nutrition consultation

Better your health from inside out by providing the best tools to achieve your goals.

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Change in body composition
Corporal composition change

Muscular mass growth and body fat percentage loss and weight control.

Know and prevent diseases
Know and prevent diseases

Genetic studies to know specific needs based on your genes.

  • Specific supplementation for the different stages of your life and lifestyle based on laboratory and genetic studies.

  • Nutritional guidance learn how to eat and what foods your body needs, clear all your doubts about your lifestyle as nutrients you need.

  • Increase your sports performance by planning your diet and sports cycles.

  • Multidisciplinary follow-up with doctors.

  • Application of enzymes for focused fat with certified physicians.

Nutrition Packages
Dafne Pamplona - BTL Aesthetics
BTL Aesthetics

I am in charge of preventing diseases and providing the necessary attention all based on nutrition. It is a non-invasive treatment option that helps us to potentiate our goals:

  • Reduces focused fat
  • Reduces flaccidity
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduces cellulite
Tratamiento BTL by Oneline